August 24th, 2004


A quick post-Discworld Con update ...

This is a quick update before I even begin to look at my friends list (because I'm at skip=300).

Particularly relevant for the Mort people (this means Collapse ) ).

Last night (well, in the early hours of this morning), I asked Stephen Briggs if he had any advice for a bunch of people putting on Mort .
His advice :
1. Learn the lines.
2. Don't use scenery.
3. Have fun.

(and 4. Use a battery-powered fan to keep Death cool, if the costume is hot/bulky).

Terry chipped in saying that Death's face should either be a good mask or greasepaint (i.e. not a cheap plastic skull-type mask).

Wheeeee ! Enjoy :-)
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The next quick post-DWCon update ...

A Hat Full of Sky is a Tiffany Aching book, and has been out a while now.
Going Postal will be out soon, and starts in Ankh-Morpork with a character named Moist von Lipwig.
Wintersmith is in the works, and will be another Tiffany Aching story.
There will possibly be a Vimes murder mystery, possibly named Thud .
There will almost certainly be another Tiffany Aching story after that, and maybe another one after that (depending on how much story fits into a book).

(and eventually they'll all be out in paperback and we can buy them all !)

(Edited: to fix a mis-remembered book name !)
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