August 26th, 2004


Still not the con report ...

Con report coming soon - in the meantime, some random things.

First, this article from The Age , showing that (some) top-level athletes can eat a diet not entirely dissimilar to mine and still do well (two gold medals counts as "well", and then some).
Quoting :
"Most people do the right thing and eat the right foods," said Bayley, the gold medal resting on his lean stomach. "I just do what I want to do. I eat whatever I want to eat and it seems to be working for me."

Bayley's girlfriend, Katrina Purcell, was asked to name the worst meal she had seen the newly-crowned Olympic champion eat. "Well, he's had steak and chips for dinner, followed by ice-cream," she begins. "It always has to be chocolate and chocolate topping."

(for me it'd be vanilla with strawberry topping, but that's a minor detail :-) )

Meanwhile, coalescent posted an interesting set of questions and answers about reading and viewing habits.
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