August 29th, 2004


Discworld Con Report 2004, Part II

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Whew. All that remained was Tuesday, and driving back up to Glasgow. We detoured via Leicester, and looked for Leicester castle, which turned out to be more like small remaining bits of castle incorporated into later buildings and walls and things. Still interesting, though. After that, it was just driving, driving, and some more driving, with about equal amounts of rain and sunshine, and then some quick grocery shopping and home again.
(for the terminally curious, we ate very healthily while driving (not!) - two tins of Pringles, 200g of other crisps, around 300g of chocolate, two bottles of Coke, ice-cream ... ahhh, road trip food).

So, I've now run around finding Discworld people on LJ and popped into Let's hope I can catch up with some of them before 2006 (August 2006, and see the discworld_2006 community to start talking about it). My overall impression, despite going there knowing no-one, is of a well-organised and fun convention, and it will be hard to stop us going in 2006.
Meanwhile, we've signed up for Redemption 05 (a Blake's 7, Babylon 5, and "other" con in Feburary or so), and the 2005 WorldCon (held in Glasgow, of course), and we're wondering whether we want to go to Novacon.
Now we just have to plan our fencing competition calendar, and we're all set.

(Edit: It was Leicester we stopped in, not Leeds)
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