September 9th, 2004


Bits and pieces.

Firstly, I have friended more people recently - some are Discworld Con-related, and some because I've been reading my friendsfriends page a bit and adding people who write interesting stuff. As always, don't feel obliged to add me to your reading list (unless you think I write interestingly, of course).

So, my scanner now works with Linux. How did I fix it ? Use the USB ports at the rear of the case instead of the front, of course. No, I don't understand it either.

Today is another beautiful sunny day. I'm sure I should be outside doing stuff (e.g. cycling - I'd need to have a bike for that, though).

This is very amusing (how to indirectly let people know you're not interested in them).

Here is a Very Wrong Thing.

Some other interesting sites :
Assemble Me .
Crooked Timber .
Collision Detection .
Online Opinion (Australian political and social commentary; they seem to get articles from all areas of the political spectrum).

Meanwhile, it's about time that people acknowledged that there are more than two parties worth paying attention to in Australian politics :

To petition Channel 9 to allow the Greens and the Democrats to appear on the political debate this Sunday on 60 Minutes, please click here .

Please post this on your own lj's, if you're that way inclined, and encourage people to sign it.
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