September 10th, 2004



When we moved over here I brought across all of the negatives I have (wanted to bring the slides too, but they took up far too much space to come in our luggage, and I didn't want to trust them to the shipping company). This means I have about 220 films. At a guess, around 150 of those are colour 35mm, 40 are B&W 35mm, and the rest are 120 format (negatives 56x56mm, in this case). Of course, I want to scan them all. This means approximately 7200 frames to be scanned, named, labelled, organised. At 5 minutes each (probably the absolute minimum, the actual scanning takes 3 minutes), that's around 600 hours of work. Whew.

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south park me

I've been doing some scanning, you see ...

See ? (Image links to full-size version ...)

An alley, probably in Melbourne

(Not entirely sure when or where this was taken - I suspect around 1997 or 1998, in Melbourne, from the context of the other photos on this roll. Yes, I only got this roll developed a week or so ago ... aren't I slack ?)

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Gmail time ...

Yup, I have six (6) invites to give out. (If there's anyone left who hasn't got gmail already, of course - I've seen dozens pass through my friends page lately ...)

Reply to this with your e-mail address if you want one.
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