September 16th, 2004


A few bits and pieces.

For a while after we moved here, I had the TV on one of the MTV channels (usually MTV Dance) while sitting at the computer. It didn't take long to realise something, though - they have a playlist of about 15 tracks, played on insanely high rotation. Yargh. Compare that to almost any of the streaming music sites around, where it'd be rare to hear tracks repeated over a day or two.

This is a very cool house.

There have always been bands doing cover versions of other bands' songs, and sometimes these are good enough to make charts or be widely played. The current trend just may have reached some sort of limit, though, having recently heard modern versions (Now With Added DanceBeat&tm;) of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb", and tonight a version of Genesis' "Land of Confusion" (renamed as "This is the World We Live In", apparently).

And, to no-one's surprise, MicroSoft have announced that there's a bug in the way many of their programs handle JPEG images, which could allow people to do nasty things to your computer. (Fixed in XP SP 2, apparently, but that introduces problems of its own). Sheesh.
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