September 17th, 2004


How old am I ?

Somewhere (probably on LJ), I saw a link to a "RealAge" test, which supposedly works out your "true" age after asking you a bunch of questions about your health and lifestyle.

The content of the test, though, is something like this :

Tell us about your height, weight, blood pressure, age.

By the way, would you like us to spam you send you information about our products ?

Ok, now tell us about your medical history.

Sure you don't want us to spam you ? Just a little bit ?

Now a bit about lifestyle, transport use, drug/alcohol/tobacco use.

Please ? You'll barely notice the spam ?

Ok, nevermind. So, tell us about your diet.

Pretty please ? With sugar on top ?

Ok, moving right along. Here are your results ! Yay ! You're young.

Very well then. No spam.
Hey, want to send us lots of money for our medical advice ?
Hey, want to send us lots of money for our nutrition advice ?
Hey, want to send us lots of money for our exercise advice ?

... and so on. Oh well, I'm sure lots of people will sign up for it, and good luck to them (and their mail filters).
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Some good news, and some stupid people ...

The good news is that the Government here has passed a bill which will ban fox hunting, starting in 2006 (not sure what was wrong with, say, immediately, but 2006 will do).

The stupid people are the protesters. They protested in London, and it seems that scuffles broke out. One MP got hit on her way into Parliament. Five or so protesters ran in to the middle of the House of Commons (thus proving again that security there needs to be handled competently, rather than traditionally, although they did apparently have inside help).

Some of the protesters were later interviewed, and there the stupidity revealed itself. Among other things, they excused the violence because they've been protesting to save fox hunting for seven years now, and no-one's paying them attention (everyone say "Awwwwww" now). One person said that these incidents were good, because it's given them world-wide publicity. My snarky reply to the TV was "Yeah, world-wide publicity as IDIOTS".
Further, they fundamentally fail to understand that the rest of the world is (mostly) even less likely to want them to continue fox hunting, and probably can't believe that it wasn't stopped years ago. Most of the people in their own country want it stopped too.

(speaking of "world-wide" - did any of the above make it to non-UK news services ?)
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