September 18th, 2004


The purpose of this LJ ...

coalescent recently posted about how he felt the use of his LJ was changing, becoming less personal and more "serious" writing about SF writing, and this prompts me to reflect on my LJ for a bit.

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(and meanwhile, I've been reading my friendsfriends page lately, figuring that people whose writing I find interesting probably read writing of other people whose writing is interesting. Will probably add a bunch of people to my friends list this way, too ... )

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Firefox grumble ...

*sigh* Yes, yes, I know, Firefox is still beta software, so it may crash from time to time. And Session Saver is beta software running on beta software, so I can't demand perfection from it.
Nonetheless, it still annoys me when a) Firefox crashes (admittedly, I had 6 windows open, with anywhere from 10 to 30 tabs open in each, and had just opened a bookmark folder containing 24 bookmarks in tabs), and b) Session Saver doesn't restore *anything*.
Then again, Session Saver has only ever restored tabs from the window that I was currently focused on at the time of previous crashes, rather than all open windows as I thought it should. Roll on Version 1.0, I say !
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