September 19th, 2004


Arrrr ! (ObTalkLikeAPirateDay)

'ere, I've got these DVDs, goin' real cheap. Just as good as the real thing ! All profits to a terrorist organisation of your choice.

(sorry, wrong sort of pirate. Still amused by the posters in the cinema warning us that terrorist organisations use the proceeds from pirated movies to fund their activities ... yeesh)

(also amused by the recent Kodak ads saying "we miss real pictures, and we want them now", trying to persuade people to make prints from their digital photos. "we" in this is supposedly the general public, but the tone of the ad is just a little too desperate. The (not-very-)sub-text is "we've lost bucketloads of money 'cos everyone's switched to digital. Please pay us for something ... anything ... help ?!")
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