September 20th, 2004


A summary of summer.

So, summer is well past, and no return of warmish weather looks likely. Our first summer in Glasgow has been quite pleasant, all in all. The main thing that I noticed is that variations in temperature day-to-day aren't very large. In Melbourne, it's quite possible to have 40ish one day, and 25 or even 20 the next. Every now and then December will throw up days around 15, and yet it could be 30+ a couple of days before or after that. While we didn't get above 25 here, the maximums didn't go below 18 or so most of the summer, and most days seemed quite nice.

Of course, there was rain. A salesman at an electronics store (after hearing that we'd moved here from Oz) warned me that Glasgow has rain for 270 days of the year, and it's quite possible that that is true - but only if a "rain day" means that there's rain for at least 15 minutes sometime in that 24 hours. There were often fine sunny days with a little splash of rain sometime in the evening, and as summer days go, they were very pleasant.

Anyway, I don't mind rain that much - Melbourne didn't get enough of it, especially in the last few years ( many areas suffered drought conditions ), and personally, I feel a need to be rained on every now and then.

Meanwhile, it was interesting to see a news site article about the hurricanes affecting the Caribbean and the USA expressing relief that another "El Nino" cycle is starting - because on the other side of the world, that cycle is associated with lower rainfall and droughts across Australia - farming is a marginal activity in Australia at best, and drought just makes it harder.
So, next challenge, Autumn. The days are already cooler, and there's more rain around. Nothing so far is beyond what a Melbourne winter would throw up, but I'm aware that worse is to come.

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Lazy newspapers ...

(Edit: Boy am I embarrassed now. Yes, 35 years ago is 1969, and (sob!) that is a plausible date for the beginnings of the Internet (ARPANET was commissioned that year). You'd think, having been born in 1970 and having a birthday next week, I'd be able to work out when 35 years ago was, wouldn't you ?)
(but my point about mixing up "Internet" and "World Wide Web" still stands (just))

Seen on today :

Happy birthday
The Lazy Guide to Net Culture celebrates 35 years of the wonderful World Wide Web

Alas, I'd have to register to read the article, but really, the title is bad enough.
For a start, they're certainly not celebrating 35 years of the WWW (which was first thought of in about 1991, (I should look that up, but it was around then) ), and secondly, whatever they are celebrating the birthday of, it's not 35 years old !
The Internet ? Much earlier than 1979 - from here , looks like something recognisable as a precursor to the Internet was around in 1972-3.
Usenet ? Well, that started in 1979, but it's got a much lower profile than the WWW these days, I doubt they're celebrating that. (And today is Mon Sep 4038 15:09:37 BST 1993. Whee.)
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