September 23rd, 2004


Braving the new interface ...

Those of you who don't use the web interface won't notice, but the interface has been rearranged.
Hopefully it'll all work properly (I'll soon find out).

Meanwhile, rwyrlsin and I have been going to the local gym for about 6 weeks now, and we're starting to notice improvements - I've increased the weight on most of the machines I'm using, with only the pesky bench press and overhead press to go (my arms are wimpy, especially when compared to my legs). I'm hoping to have increased all the weights by 20-25% by the end of the year, and perhaps start using some of the other machines to catch up my other underused muscles.

Hopefully all of this will feed through into improving my fencing performances - certainly being fitter will. We get to test this out this weekend, when we'll head up to Inverness for the Highland Open. According to people who've been before, it's a big drinking and partying weekend, at which a little bit of fencing gets done. Since I'm not a big drinker (hardly one at all, really; I don't like beer, and anything else I have at most a small glass of), I might even have a chance up there ...

Finally, two links grabbed from andrewducker - first, looking at Luke Skywalker: Terrorist ? , then The Official God FAQ (comprehensive !).

Lastly, inspired by the nifty LJ user animal icons (like </a></b></a>davidcook and </a></b></a>rwrylsin), I'm thinking of making up others with other themes, e.g. something musical for </a></b></a>alexwinolj, or random sword shapes for </a></b></a>rwrylsin and </a></b></a>davidcook. Someone want to donate me some artistic talent ? I draw icons like a true programmer (i.e. they're ugly :-).

(edit: forgot to credit where I got the animal icons from : here ! , by rosequoll. )
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