September 24th, 2004


Ready to fence ...

So here we are again, ready to travel to a fencing comp. What am I doing ? Yup, that's right, re-wiring an epee (Fun With Super-Glue[tm] - narrowly avoided getting hand glued to blade, and two fingers glued together).
Tomorrow we drive up to Inverness, and on Sunday we fence. (and I have to manage getting to the comp. by about 8:30am - ow !)
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LJ question ...

Tonight, I encountered someone who had a very different "friends" display in her userinfo page. Instead of just a list of usernames, it showed user pictures for each person on the list, as well as the time since they last updated their journals.
Now, I can access similar info here for my flist, but how do I change the userinfo page to show that ?
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