September 29th, 2004


Weekend pt I - the travelling and touristing

So, we set out for Inverness on Saturday at around 1:30. We decided to head up on the A9, then come back via the scenic way (A82) on Monday.
The drive was fine, and there's some spectacular scenery even along the A9 route, passing through the Cairngorms. rwrylsin commented at one point that it was as if the glaciers had just stepped out for lunch - and that's what it looked like, mountains lining very wide flat-floored valleys, the valley floor treeless, but covered in ferns and brackens and other plants which I don't know the names of yet.

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The competition will be described in a separate post, since I'm sure it'll get longish.

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Weekend pt II - the Highland Open

So, Sunday dawned, and the alarm went off far too early, since I had to be at the check-in for the men's epee event by 8:45am. Still, we managed, and staying about 5 minutes from the venue was very handy.

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So, that was my first fencing competition in the UK. We're now plotting for our next comp. - the next one in Scotland isn't until January, so we'll have to go further afield. There'll be the Leicester Open in mid-October, but we have to work out if we can afford to get there and if so, what the best way to get there is (unfortunately, it's being held in Kettering, about 10 miles from Leicester, and 30-40 to the nearest airports in any direction. The train trip from here would seem to involve 2 or 3 changes, and isn't all that cheap either. Driving seems to be cheapest still, but then we get tired out from the driving ... ).
Meanwhile, back to the gym, and back to the training, and let's hope I can get an even better result next time.
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