September 30th, 2004


Technology gripe of the day ...

Gah, xmms has a memory leak. I discovered this when firefox got killed after my machine ran out of memory and swap space (that's 1.5 Gb total). And once again, Session Saver doesn't come to my rescue, or at least not for all the windows I had open. xmms got killed sometime after firefox, because it was still running and leaking merrily away.

I'm keeping a closer eye on it now, and it looks like its total memory usage grows by up to 100 Mb per hour. Sheesh.
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A silly little thing.

At Australian supermarkets, if you stand soft drink bottles upright on the checkout conveyor belt, they will invariably fall over when the belt moves.
(so you don't put bottles upright, you lay them on their sides).

In all the UK supermarkets I've been in so far, bottles happily stand upright and get conveyed forward on the belt.

Weird, huh ?
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