October 1st, 2004


End-of-week bits-n-pieces ...

Back from the gym again. Improvements are being made. My arms still feel like limp noodles afterwards, but they're slightly stronger noodles. Yay.

Next, a question and answer :

Q: Is a child, born in Australia to a Scottish mother and Australian father, then adopted by Scottish parents, eligible for UK citizenship and passport ?

A: Yes ! Yay me. As soon as the paperwork and passport come through, I'll be British/Australian ... or is that Australian/British. Will have to work out if rwrylsin can be Anglicised too, since it'll make hypothetical European travels much easier.

Curiously enough, the answer to that question was "No" until a couple of years ago - the adoptive parents didn't count for purposes of citizenship, and only the biological father did. Fortunately, they changed it ...

Meanwhile, while reading my friendsfriends page, I came across (wait for it) HP fanfic. And read it. And thought it was interesting enough to link to part I and part II here.

This weekend, down to Castle Douglas (which is a town, not a castle) to visit my aunt and uncle. We'll probably also manage to visit a castle or three on the way ...

More trivia : I posted 33 updates during September, by far the most I've done. Go me.

Finally, lots of people have grumbled about the new update page. I don't mind it, but I find one odd thing - when I press "Preview", I get taken to a page showing how my entry will look, which is fine, although it was more convenient to have the entry for editing on the same page as the preview. The odd thing is that another window pops up, but it is blank (I'm using Firefox 0.9.1). Anyone else get this ?
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