October 7th, 2004


More fencing ...

Last night, rwrylsin and I went for a little drive, to Edinburgh, despite cold and wind and rain, in search of the Edinburgh Fencing Club.
We found it.
And then we fenced - there were about 8 or 9 sabreurs there for rwrylsin to fence, and a couple of epeeists at first, but more kept turning up or finishing lessons as the night went on. I ended up completing 8 15-hit bouts, one 10-hit bout, and was 7-13 down in a final bout when we reached kicking-out-of-hall time. All in all, I was fencing reasonably well, and managing to concentrate and get vital hits when required (e.g., in one bout I had been down a couple of points most of the bout, then finally equalised at 10-all, only to lose a couple of points again, then work back up to 13-all, then managed to take the final two hits).
Now we have to work out how often we can afford (in time and money) to go there - it's about two hours of driving for around two hours of fencing, and the club charges per session. Maybe fortnightly for now, and a little more often as we get nearer some of the big competitions.
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That could have been messy ...

Recently, I've been making updates from the LJ portal page - not because I had problems with the new update page, I just liked having the statistics, birthdays, and random LJ page there. I've noticed one little problem with it, though. If you select the "Preview" option, it doesn't actually show you the preview, but takes you to the normal update page (update.bml), with all of the details filled in (mood, music, icon, etc) - except that the security setting got changed back to public, when I'd set it to friends-only on the portal page.
That could have been mildly unfortunate in this case, although I probably would have noticed soon, but I can imagine not noticing and just hitting Update and possibly being very embarrassed later.
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