October 19th, 2004


Music ... with fencing in ?

While at the gym earlier tonight, I glanced up at one of the many TV screens around the room. They usually have one of the many music channels available on cable or satellite over here playing, and tonight was no exception, but what caught my eye was a particular video clip, which showed people fencing. Unfortunately, I was at an angle to the screen, so couldn't clearly see what was going on, but I managed to work out that the name of either the band or the song had "stood up" in it, and the channel was called "The Box".
When I got home, I worked out that we have this channel, so I put it on and muted the TV (what, you expected me to listen to today's pop ? I get enough of that at the gym), and kept an eye out for that track. This channel seems to generate its playlist based on viewer "requests", which can only be phoned in a £1 a pop, and so it displays the names and code numbers for the set of songs you're allowed to select your request from at the bottom of the screen. Eventually up came the song I was looking for, "You Stood Up", by a band named "V". (Quoting Google : "Results 1 - 10 of about 290,000,000 for v". What a silly name for a band)

Still, I did find their website through slightly cleverer searching, and among other things, they have this to say about the clip :

Coached by none other than the UK Olympic fencing team while shooting the video, watch V in action by selecting No.137 on The Box. Call 09056 525 11 (calls cost £1)

So, I left this channel on, figuring that eventually enough gullible eager people would vote for that track again, and played computer games for a while.
The song did come on again, and the clip does feature video-clip-ized fencing - foil, it seems, although non-electric and just showing relatively clean and clear hits (so no referee or hand-judges required, then). At the end, though, the final bout ends with one fencer falling down with the last hit. Both fencers remove their masks, revealing the fallen fencer to be male, and the standing one to be female - and she then swipes her foil at his face to leave a small cut in it.
Argh ! For a start, a non-broken foil probably wouldn't leave such a neat slice, but more to the point, she'd be expelled from the competition and possibly the whole season for a stunt like that in real life.
(*deep breath* it's only a video it's only a video it's only a video)

Oh well, at least it does show a bit of fencing. In fact, since it probably gets enough mugs people voting for it to be played 4-5 times a day, it won't take long before you'd see more fencing on this channel than I did during the Olympics (not that I'm bitter).
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LJ problems, anyone ?

A few times today when reloading my friends page I just get a big "404 - Not Found" (and not a friendly 404 page with links to the home page or anything, just the error). Anyone else getting this ?
I also get fairly regular occurrences of pages not loading on the first try and getting a "The document contains no data" message from my browser. This is with a paid account, too, so I'm supposedly in the fast lane on the servers ...
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