October 20th, 2004


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Ahh, SlashDot is amusing sometimes. Here's a series of comments that I saw recently (edited by me, mostly to tidy up the layout for LJ).

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Government idiots ...

Never mind all the grumblings about idiots in government back in Australia, apparently we have our own set of idiots over here.
Quoting from this article in The Scotsman , titled "Government Rules Out Smoking Ban" :

The Government indicated today it would not follow Ireland in banning smoking in public places.
Smoking has been illegal in workplaces, including pubs and restaurants, in the Irish Republic since March.
But Health Secretary John Reid said Britain had to find its own answers to the problem of smoking.
He said the Government would not simply copy what other countries have done.

Why on earth not ? People get the same diseases due to smoking (passive and active) in other countries, why on earth would their solutions not be applicable ? Or at least a good guide to the sort of action to take.

He goes on to say :

“The status quo is not an option on smoking,” he said.
“The majority of people in this country are not smokers and they want to work and enjoy their leisure in an atmosphere which is not afflicted with cigarette smoke.
“I will try to do that in a way that will try to balance people’s rights in this country. And while I can learn from other countries I will not transpose automatically what other countries have done to people in England.
“We have to find our own way of doing things.”

Gee, thanks. Protect my "right" to breathe someone else's smoke at a pub or restaurant. Gah !
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And finally, the weather ...

Yup, we got our first day which failed to reach a double-digit (Celsius) temperature, today :

Temperature graph showing maximum of 8 for Glasgow today

Hmmm, the low only has to drop a little more to make the first zero of the season as well. Yay cool weather !
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