October 24th, 2004

south park me

The weather today ...

... was very nice. I'm beginning to think that not only do the forecasts not accurately forecast our weather, but each one precludes that particular weather outcome from actually occurring. All the forecasts that I saw for today told us that we would be getting cloud, rain, wind, frogs, and generally lots of miserable weather. Instead, it was bright and sunny for much of the day, and quite pleasant outside, at least by the time I got moving.

(I'm a little surprised that there isn't a Weather Channel over here - about 6 years ago we had Foxtel (in Melbourne), and there was one, and in our brief stay in San Francisco on the way over here, there was a Weather Channel available there. Even though the forecasts rarely bear any connection to reality, it could still be entertaining watching them twist and turn as they try to cope with the whims of the local climate).
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