October 25th, 2004


The scale of things ...

So, I've been tinkering a little, and here's a little doodle illustrating the sizes of Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Melbourne. These are all at the same scale (according to multimap.com), and coloured in a way that hopefully makes sense.

Edit: I meant to also give some idea of the populations of these places - roughly 450-500,000 for Edinburgh, around 700k for Glasgow, something silly like 10 million in London, and about 3m in Melbourne.

Illustration of sizes of Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Melbourne

I've taken Edinburgh to be the area inside the A720, Glasgow to be areas with vaguely familiar-sound names, London to be inside the M25, and Melbourne includes the areas I consider suburbs (including Bacchus Marsh and Cranbourne ... if not suburbs yet, it won't be long).
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