October 27th, 2004


Gym geekery ...

As mentioned a few times in earlier entries, rwrylsin and I have joined a local gym and we've been going fairly regularly. A week or so after joining, we got some time with one of the personal trainers there, and got a custom program set up for us. After 12 sessions of the program, we'd get reassessed and get a new program set. Collapse )
With luck, the improved strength and fitness should filter through to my fencing.
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Meanwhile, we're going to Wales !

Yup, rwrylsin and I have booked flights and accomodation for the Welsh Open, in Cardiff on the weekend of Nov 6th & 7th. Of course, they would pick a weekend with an international rugby match on, thus making accomodation and flights much harder to find than you'd expect. Sorry, kriste, wrong end of Wales to visit you, but I'm sure we'll catch up sometime :-)
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Random thoughts on music ...

Recently, I've been hearing a song, and I keep thinking it's about to break in to "The Reflex", by Duran Duran.
It was only a few days ago that I realised it's a new Duran Duran track, called Sunrise or something ...

Meanwhile, cover-itis has reached Genesis - someone covered "Land of Confusion", except they renamed it to something ... errr ... less memorable, apparently, because I can't remember it at the moment. Of course, this was from a 1986 album, so the teenagers the new version is being marketed to are less likely to know it exists.

I figure it's only a matter of time before someone covers The Sisters of Mercy, deliberately aiming not at the usual SoM-fan audience of the other thousand or so SoM covers, but aimed at kids who may not have even heard of them. What do you think, time for "Temple of Love '05" yet ?

Meanwhile, the bad news going around lots of UK-based LJers today is that John Peel has died. I had heard the name, mostly in connection with the John Peel sessions, but not much more than that. I get the impression that people listen to the radio more over here, or at least that radio is more important to them. Possibly it's more interesting than Oz radio, too.
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