October 31st, 2004


Each day a little bit shorter ...

Today (Sunday 31st, that is) marks the end of Summer Time around here.
Yesterday, sunrise was at 8:18am and sunset at 5:40pm.
Today, sunrise will be at 7:20am, and sunset at 4:38pm, which will be the earliest sunset that I have experienced.
By Dec 20th, sunrise will be at 8:45am, and sunset at 3:41pm - just under 7 hours of potential daylight, and then there's the weather playing its part.

A long way from mid-June, with sunrise at 4:28am and sunset at 10:06pm (and twilight for quite a while afterwards ... ).
Most of the time, it doesn't feel so dramatically different living here compared to Australia, but I suspect the next few months will feel very different indeed.
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Illuminati ... found !

Yes, you always thought the Illuminati were just a secret conspiracy, working behind the scenes to control the world. But in reality, Collapse )
So now you know. Guard this knowledge carefully (you know how secret conspiracies can be when they're made ... errr ... not-so-secret ...).
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The most trivial thing yet ...

Pantene is pronounced "pan-ten" over here, and "pan-teen" in Oz, but Ambi-pur is pronounced "ambi-pure" over here, and "ambi-purr" in Oz.

Ok, I did warn you that it's trivial. I posted it because it seemed rather contrary.
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