November 5th, 2004


Bonfire night ...

So, apparently tonight is "Bonfire night" in the UK. Oddly enough, despite being Australian, even I know that this is another name for Guy Fawkes night, and he tried to blow up Parliament once upon a time. (Someone on my flist was lamenting that most people wouldn't know the meaning of it these days).

Anyway, this apparently means that we get to hear (and occasionally see) fireworks getting launched from all sorts of funny places, including a medium-sized grassed area between two nearby roads. It seems that new laws and higher insurance premiums have stopped a lot of people from joining in, but it's still a novelty to see so many different firework displays going off around the place. I can't imagine it happening in Australia, where firework displays tend to be used as part of a large event of some sort, or for New Year's Eve or maybe Australia Day (say, Adelaide people - are they still running Sky Show there ?). Meanwhile, there's much more traffic around than usual, and lots of people (very warmly dressed people) walking past too.

Here's hoping that things quieten down in the next hour or so, since rwrylsin and I have to get up at Aaargh'o'clock tomorrow to catch a flight to Cardiff.
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