November 13th, 2004

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A scary little fact about me ...

Be afraid : I once wrote something. 5000 words of something, in fact. Looking back at it, there's nothing else to call it, but fan-fiction.
I wrote it when 14 or 15, so it was, of course, a big honkin' Mary Sue. There's worse, though. It was a cross-over fanfic - Hitch-Hiker's Guide, and Collapse ).

Scared yet ?
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Welsh Open, pt III

Hmmmm, the week seems to have escaped me a little, but here's the final post about last weekend's trip to Cardiff for the Welsh Open fencing.

On this trip, we proved that it is possible to do all the travelling and fencing for a competition on the two days of the weekend.
However, we also proved that it is completely insane to do so, and we'll never do it quite that way again. We'll also make sure to avoid competitions held on the same weekend and in the same city as major international rugby matches.

Collapse )

Gah. For some reason, this has been hard to write, and has taken all week to get around to finishing. I have no idea why, either.
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Two music-related cool links.

One from andrewducker, which is a guide to all the different styles of dance music . Over the years, I think I've heard them all and danced to a lot of them. These days I listen mostly to various sorts of trance, and some drum'n'bass ...
The other from Collision Detection , which is a strange little thing for playing around with the sound of a Hammond B3 Organ .
(also from Collision Detection, these very neat sculptures inspired and generated by maths )
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