November 16th, 2004

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Computer fiddling ...

So, I reinstalled Windows XP last night, and, uhhh ... "tested" it with Civ 2. Until 6am. And again for a few hours this afternoon.
Wheeee !

And tonight, I figured out how to get XP to allow booting into Linux on the other hard drive, and all is well again.

Now I have the choice of sleep, or a game installation spree (including Baldur's Gate II, Morrowind, Total Annihilation, and many other ways of keeping me up until silly hours of the day).
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Post offices in the UK.

Our local post office has seen better days. In fact, I think it's seen better decades. The carpet is grotty, dark grey and worn through in many places. The walls are painted in a horrid shade of yellow-green. The workers (errr ... not tellers, but at the moment I can't think of the right term for them) are behind counter-to-ceiling glass, which has posters and notices and things stuck all over it. They do sell a small range of stationary - but you have to ask for it, and the example items are blu-tacked on the glass well above head height, and don't have readable prices on them. The floor space is mostly empty, except for a fire engine children's ride thing, which also sounds rather run-down and pathetic.

The question is this - are post offices typically like this in the UK ? Do they have shiny new post offices with a nice layout and a wide range of stationary and other stuff for sale, or do they all tend to be like the local one ?

I'm thinking of the contrast with the Australian Post Shops, which, in general, are not bad places to visit - the local post office here is rather grim by comparison.
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