November 22nd, 2004


Graaaargh. Network. Kill. Yargh.

As much as I generally enjoy doing stuff with computers, sometimes they can be very frustrating to work with.

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And here I am. Packet loss appears minimal. LJ is working. E-mail is back. LJ is still working. All is (knock on wood) working happily. And yes, I do have a recent backup of my important files. Although I am tempted to tar up a bunch and e-mail it to my gmail account, Just In Case.

Sheesh. Computers. Can't live with 'em, and (in my case) probably can't live without 'em for long either.
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Meanwhile, the weather ...

So, apart from network frustrations, the weather seems to have turned weird. The temperature was 0 or below for most of Saturday, except for a 4-hour spell where it shot up to the blistering heights of 4 or so, then went down again. Today was 1 or below until sunset (4pm), then went up to 10 by 6pm, where it's stayed since. And yet it hasn't snowed on us.
(I've been seeing reports from other UK people on LJ that they've had snow, mostly down in England, though ... and a couple in Germany :-) )

You see, I've never lived in a place that has a realistic chance of having snow in winter. Adelaide ? Ha ! Not on the plains. Every now and then the Hills get a dusting. Even in Melbourne, snow anywhere near the city centre would be very rare. I saw snow a couple of times in Tasmania, both times when we were near the top of Ben Lomond (about 1500m), and of course we saw lots of snow on our ski trip to Mt Hotham last year. But, I've never just looked out of the bedroom window in the morning and seen snow falling or a snow-covered landscape - that's what I'm hoping will happen, anyway.
Maybe in December. Or maybe this weekend, when we're down in London. (Now that would be ironic)
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