December 28th, 2004


More power !

So, how many dodgy arrangements of powerboards and things do you have in your house ?
I did a quick count around our flat, and we have the following :

Room Outlets Things plugged in
Hallway 2 0
Kitchen 7 3
Main bedroom 6 2
Second bedroom (computer room, really) 6 7
Lounge 7 18
Totals : 28 29

The lounge has 3 4-outlet powerboards, plus a 5-outlet board with Australian outlets rather than UK ones, for some "legacy" items we brought over. There are also some double- and triple-adaptors. It's a wonder the whole place hasn't gone up in smoke.

The computer room is fairly restrained, for us. This is possibly because the printer and scanner are still in the lounge (printer is there because the router is there, and the router is there because that's the only place it can connect to the cable outlet; scanner is there because there's no useful flat surface in the computer room for it yet), and rwrylsin's Mac only needs one powerpoint (her laptop needs another for its charger).

Oddly, neither the bathroom nor showerroom have any useful outlets (the showerroom has a two-pin shaver outlet, but my shaver has a standard Australian plug, and I haven't seen an adaptor that goes to two-pin from Aus. plug.). I can't recall the last time I saw an Australian bathroom without a normal power outlet. I assume there's some UK (or EU) regulation which says "you can't have a proper outlet in a bathroom ('cos you might do something stupid and electrocute yourself)", but it still seems odd.
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Advertising ... bah.

It's time for post-Christmas sales, of course. That means that it's time for advertising post-Christmas sales on TV, unfortunately, and we do watch some TV (Time Team is still entertaining, even though we've seen most of the episodes now).

The latest stupidity comes from a furniture store. They're boasting that "some items have been reduced to half price, then a further 10% off".
For example, an £899 item reduced to £299 (I'll call the figures £900 and £300, just to make the rest of this easier). Errr, run that by me again ? Neither of the two possible interpretations of their blurb gives 300 from 900. It's not 50+10 = 60% off, because that would be £360. It's not 10% of the halved price, either, because that would give £405.
It isn't just a typo in one item, either, it was the same sort of reduction on every item (e.g. £1199 to £399).
Gah ! Stupid advertising people ! Why couldn't they just say "two-thirds off" or "reduced to one-third of their original price" in the first place !

(ok, that's my exclamation point quota used up for the rest of the month. I'm calm now ... )
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