December 30th, 2004


Boxing Day ... (a belated update)

On Boxing Day, rwyrlsin and I went to Perth (the Scottish version), to have a Christmas lunch with a whole bunch of relatives (Aunt & Uncle, seven cousins; and six cousins, once removed). On the drive up, we stopped to take some photos, including this one (somewhere on the road from Glasgow to Perth, possibly near Stirling) :

Snow-covered landscape, somewhere near Stirling

Oddly enough, this year's was the largest family Christmas gathering we've been to - normally we would visit either my parents in Adelaide, or rwrylsin's parents in Foster, or maybe just have a quiet time at home by ourselves. Anyway, it was fun, the food was good, and the kids were all fun to be around. Some of us went for a walk in the evening, along the banks of the River Tay, braving the chilly night and slippery paths (the previous day's snow was turning icy). The old Christmas traditions make much more sense when it's -2 outside with snow on the ground, rather than, say, 32.
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