January 1st, 2005


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So, the first day of the year is almost over. How did I spend it ? Indoors, and very lazily, because I have a cold (rwrylsin came down with one a few weeks ago, briefly seemed to get over it, then fell back to coughing and sniffling, but I thought I'd managed to avoid it; apparently not). Outdoors, from what I've seen, has been rainy and windy - in fact, I think it's been raining all year, so far (and there hasn't been sunshine yet this year either :-) ).
Last night we did get to a NYE party, with a group of fencing people and friends, which was fun - although I think it pushed my cold into full effect and left me with very little voice today (once again, people were smoking around us, and talking at party volume is hard on my voice at the best of times).
I've scanned through all zillion channels that NTL gives us, and occasionally found things worth watching. Finished one book and started another. Haven't spent much time on the computer, because rwrylsin has been on mine all day after I installed her "Home Architect" program (my PC is the only source of Windows in this house, and apparently such programs are much harder to find for the Mac).
Overall, a very lazy day, but that's not such a bad thing ...
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