February 1st, 2005

avon - haven't the faintest idea

Small life update ...

So, between posting random links, amusing links, other amusing things, and a few gratuitous icon posts, I haven't actually said much about life lately.
This is partly because not too much is happening (about to change), and the routine things have become ... routine.
Apart from absences caused by colds, rwrylsin and I have been going to fencing every Thursday, and going to the gym two or three times a week. I've been making reasonable progress on the weights recently, and after the colds I'm catching up on the general fitness. Fencing has been a bit quiet - I fenced foil for most of the evening two Thursdays ago, after having one lonely epee bout at the beginning of the night. We need to round up more local epeeists ... or head across to Edinburgh more often.
Last weekend, rwrylsin and I went to see the Burrell Collection, a wide-ranging collection of bits and pieces from all ages and places. It was interesting, but many of the items seemed out of context - particularly the random door and window surrounds taken from various English and French castles.
In less than two weeks, I start work. I suppose I should make use of the remaining days of freedom to run madly around Glasgow taking photos and seeing sights. That would require a little shift in sleeping patterns, though (i.e. waking up before the afternoon :-) ).
Meanwhile, I've been making plans for spending my about-to-be-earned income ... CDs, DVDs, Lego, scanner accessory, books, travel. Should be fun !
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