February 2nd, 2005


This says something about me, I think ...

I haven't used the scanner for a while, mainly because I (finally) moved my computer from the lounge to the computer room (err, second bedroom, but it hasn't seen a bed yet :-) ), and there wasn't space on the computer desk for it. Eventually we got around to getting a small table for it, but I hadn't quite got around to using it.
I wanted to use it today to "photocopy" a couple of documents needed as part of the paperwork for my new job, so I hooked it up, ran xsane and got ... an error message. This stirred some vague memories of having problems with the scanner last time I used it too, but I couldn't remember how I fixed it.
I searched, and promptly found a message on a mailing list describing this problem, and a later message describing a workaround that fixed it in this case.
Those messages were by ... me !

Who needs a working memory when you have the Net, eh ?

(and the answer to getting the scanner working ? For some reason, it doesn't work when I use the front USB ports on the computer, but does work with the rear ones ... this isn't a "solution" as such, because it should work on the front ports (my camera, for example, works fine from the front ports) ... but at least it works now)
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