February 13th, 2005


Bits and pieces ...

So, Enterprise has been cancelled. Fortunately, whoever writes all their Treknobabble has a bright future in writing beauty product ads ... nanosomes ? pro-vitamins ? pseudo-scientific gibberish of all sorts, and is there any proof that slathering this stuff on your skin can actually do anything other than leave you with goop-slathered skin ?

Meanwhile, watch out for The Cuddly Menace .

I've been trying out iRATE radio a bit. I'll quote their blurb :

iRATE radio is a collaborative filtering system for music. You rate the tracks it downloads and the server uses your ratings and other people's to guess what you'll like. The tracks are downloaded from websites which allow free and legal downloads of their music.

I've been trying to steer my ratings towards the gothy/dark/neo-(folk,classical) areas, but I suspect there aren't many artists in those styles who make their music freely available on the Net. Still, it's turned up Beth Quist , described as "electro-Balkan/Indian meets New Age" (in other words, Sheila Chandra meets Lisa Gerrard :-) ). I hope to turn up some other interesting artists this way.
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A little trip to Edinburgh ...

... although I'm starting to think of Edinburgh as being ... not "far away", as such, but certainly not "near". This is silly, because I've driven longer drives (mostly in terms of time taken, although sometimes distance too) between suburbs in Melbourne.
Anyway, rwrylsin and I were heading over to meet a bunch of LJers, eat/drink nice things, and perhaps catch a castle on the way through, and we managed all that quite successfully.
We started at Elephants and Bagels - which is decorated with bagels all over the walls, and serves a delicious range of elephant (or is it the other way around ?). We met yonmei, hfnuala, starbrow, guybles, Cat (no LJ, and I may have the name wrong !) there. I had a bagel (this is unusual; normally I find them a bit too dense or doughy or something, but a toasted & buttered sesame seed bagel went down nicely), and listened to the conversation. After that we wandered along to "Plaisir du Chocolate" and met up with diotina, 0olong, and piscia (I may have that wrong too ! Darn my poor hearing-discrimination-in-noisy-places), and had a verrry nice hot chocolate (with whiskey and cream) and sat around chatting some more. All good (and tasty !) fun.
We all left sometime after three, and rwrylsin and I decided we'd just have time to get back to the car and drive down to Craigmillar Castle before 4pm (when they'd stop admitting people) and wander around there until 4:30pm (when they'd start kicking people out). Craigmillar is well worth a visit - especially if you're fond of the half-ruined type of castle rather than the maintained-and-modernised type (think Historic Scotland vs National Trust :-) ). We'll definitely have to visit it again with more time and maybe a bit more warmth (cold and windy and occasional rain all day; when I went to bed it was snowing lightly, and we woke up to find a dusting of snow over things, but that quickly got washed away by the rain).
Finally, we drove around a bit until we felt we had room for dinner, and headed to the Toby Carvery (errr, around the Corstorphine area, I think) for a delicious roast meat and vegie selection, then drove on home. Now, since we finally remembered to set the VCR before going out on a Sunday, we can sit down, eat dessert, and watch the new Time Team episode from earlier today ... A very pleasant day indeed.
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