March 1st, 2005

avon - haven't the faintest idea

Crazy Week[tm]

... started last Friday :
Friday, drove 320 miles from Glasgow to Hinckley, started doing Redemption things (including 3 hours of dancing at a ceilidh, and got to bed around 2:30am).
Saturday, got up earlyish, did more Redemption things, including more hanging around in the bar until the small hours (3:30ish).
Sunday, got up earlyish again, still Redemption-ing, and got to bed around 3am again.
Monday, got up in time to check out, drove 320 miles from Hinckley to Glasgow, caught up on shopping, mail, and skip=400 on LJ (ow).

Coming up :
Tuesday: work, food, and then heading to Edinburgh for some fencing training.
Wednesday: work, food, then off to the gym.
Thursday: work, food, then fencing training locally.
Friday: work, food, and off to the gym again.

Saturday: nothing !

Whew. Must sleep now.
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avon - haven't the faintest idea

More crazy ideas ...

rwrylsin and I are seriously considering going to Paragon 2 ... and doing a fencing competition in Birmingham on the Sunday. I wonder how well I fence on 3 hours sleep ?
Anyone else planning to go ? (To Eastercon, not the fencing :-) )
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