April 24th, 2005


Naming a syndicated feed ...

For some reason, today I decided to search the Web for a friend of mine from Adelaide days. I found his blog , and I want to syndicate it to LiveJournal for my reading convenience, and because he's doing a very neat thing there - a project called "Equinox", where he's posting one sonnet a day, about the lives of four characters living in Sydney. Apparently it started last year on September 22, and it will continue until the vernal equinox this year.
The problem is that I don't simply want to syndicate it under his name, just in case he decides to get an LJ one day using his real name (some people do that, apparently). Unfortunately, I can't use his name with "_feed" or similar on the end either, because his name is one character shorter than the limit. I could call it "equinox_feed" or similar, but that might be confused with the existing (unrelated) LJ user called equinox. Also, the feed contains more than just Equinox posts, it's also his personal blog. Any other good suggestions for the name - "mattr_feed", perhaps ? Something else catchy and clever that I haven't thought of yet ?
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