April 29th, 2005


Ahhh, irony ...

I have a USB card reader. In theory, I should be able to take it, plug it in to a reasonably modern computer, and it should "just work".

In reality ?
Under Windows XP (SP 1) : It sees the device and card. I can navigate through the directory structure, even see the photo names - but as soon as I try to copy anything from it it gives me an error message about not being able to read the files.

On rwrylsin's Macs (G5 iMac and G4 PowerBook) she can see the card, and sometimes copy a few files from it in iPhoto, but inevitably iPhoto freezes somewhere in the process.

And the ironic bit - it works just fine under Linux. Saw the card, mounted the card, copied everything off it very quickly (which meant that the USB 2.0 part was working too), and I had my photos.

Edit : Spoke too soon, since my normal Linux isn't booting properly at the moment, I tried out an Ubuntu Linux LiveCD. Logged in to that, I was getting similar problems to the Mac and Windows - however I also got useful error messages in /var/log/messages, Googled, and found something that seems to have worked around the problem ("rmmod ehci_hcd" before inserting the USB card reader). There's still irony, though, the problem seems to be something introduced with the newer kernel version (2.6.11 or so) that Ubuntu uses, compared to the 2.6.3 that my old Mandrake uses ...
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