May 21st, 2005

Lego round 1x1s


Oops ! Doctor Who started at 6:30pm tonight, to our surprise since we don't normally watch the BBC or keep track of any programme guides. Fortunately, there's a late-night repeat.

Meanwhile, we forgot to watch Have I Got News For You last night - does it get repeated at some point ?

I have a P60 form now (local equivalent of a group certificate, for the Aussie readers; don't know what the American equivalent is).
So, now what ? I should be due a tax refund, because I only started work near the end of the tax year. Should I do it online (if that's even an option) ? Fill out forms ? Find an accountant or tax agent or ... other ?

Today we went to a renovators and home-builders show at the SECC. We weren't alone, though - there was also a Dentists Association conference, and "Fishing 2005". Some dentist who spends his/her spare time fishing and house-building must have thought it was their lucky weekend. At the home-builders show there were a series of seminars held during the day - in a curtained off area of the large hall they were in. I expect that was our own version of the 1995 WorldCon experience, and I'm glad the panels will be held somewhere other than the main halls this year.
Finally, once more there's a little linguistic difference between Over Here and Back Home. At one of the seminars someone said something like : "So, in a house there's an obvious division between the bedrooms upstairs and the living areas downstairs, where in a bungalow, you have to design it carefully to maintain that division" (words to that effect, anyway - I have a lousy memory for quotes).
In other words, "house" = two-storey dwelling, specifically excluding one-storey ones. For me, "house" generally applies to typical family dwellings, most of which are one storey, some might have two (often through a later extension). In Melbourne real estate usage, "bungalow" only seems to be used to describe an extra dwelling on the same block as a house - what others would call a "granny flat", I'd imagine ...
Ah, what a wonderful language we all speak :-)
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