August 1st, 2005


(Still) Hooked on BG2

Yup, much of my spare time lately has been going on another replay of BG2 - but then, it's such fun to replay, as there are so many options in the game (play solo or with a party ? Who will be in the party ? Which classes will you use ? Which paths will you take ? Which mods will you install ? etc). The latest game I went with a "short" theme for my party, including a dwarf named "Imli", a halfling named "Erry", Jan Jansen (a gnome), and various others (with suitable LoTR icons to match, naturally). The bad sign is that I'm not yet finished this game, and already considering options for an evil party to run through next.
Or maybe I'll take a break and play some Morrowind or something.
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