October 27th, 2005


On TV last night ...

Last night, I was watching a show where Our Heroes[tm] were cruising around on board a large, shiny spaceship. This spaceship was equipped with a faster-than-light drive (they'd just visited Earth from somewhere far away), and among the crew is a friendly and inscrutable alien. Somehow, the ship's computer systems got infected by an alien virus, and it took three reboots and some quick use of transporter technology to clear it out.

So, season 2 of StarTrekgate:Atlantis continues, boldly going ... well, where every series of Star Trek went, pretty much.
In season 1, the Atlantis base was isolated from Earth, and vulnerable, and the series was mostly interesting.
Now they've got a battleship with some sort of FTL, capable of casually hopping back to Earth, and transporter technology. What do they need a Stargate for now ? And poor Torri Higginson - she must have offended the studio execs or something, because her part in the series now seems to consist of standing around looking worried, or saying "Yes, do it" to any crazy plan that just about anyone comes up with. (Oh, apart from the blatant set-up for her to be the love interest for the newly-promoted military guy on the base).

I hope the series improves quickly over the next few weeks, otherwise I'll be far more tempted to re-watch Firefly than persist with SG:A.
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