February 13th, 2006


Books !

Oddly, for a person who considers himself bookish, I hardly ever post about books or even list what I've read lately.
Apart from reading on the train, my reading time is quite irregular these days, so I'm not planning to do the 50bookchallenge thing, but I figured I should at least list what I've read so far this year so I don't forget :

1. The System of the World - Neal Stephenson.
2. Priestess of the White - Trudi Canavan.
3. British Summertime - Paul Cornell.
4. Devices and Desires - K.J. Parker.
5. Hammered, and
6. Scardown, and
7. Worldwired, all by Elizabeth Bear.

(started no. 1 last year, after finishing The Confusion, and read Quicksilver a couple of years ago. Now I feel the urge to read Cryptonomicon again in light of the background of the Baroque Trilogy. Nos 2 and 4 are the first books in trilogies, and the rest haven't been written/published in paperback yet, alas. Finally, two of the authors above are on LJ, and in my "to-read" pile are books by three other LJ people. Whee.)