June 14th, 2006


Iceland in brief ...

Before I head off for much-needed sleep, some firsts and statistics from our Iceland trip :

1. I've been to Iceland ! It's a very spectacular place, well worth a visit if you like rugged beauty. Photos to follow.
2. I've now been slightly further North than before - 64°50' or so in the Helgafellssveit area on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, up from about 63° in Åre back in January this year.
3. I've ridden an Icelandic horse.
4. I've fallen off a horse for the first time (he slipped in a puddle, and was fine. I have a small bruise on one shin, but am also fine).
5. I've driven on the right-hand side for the first time (and drove just over 1000km in total).
6. I've seen a geyser erupt (and saw the Geysir (Stóri Geysir in full), but it didn't erupt while we were there).
7. Saw a glacier (Snæfellsjökull) (from about 4km (horizontal) and 1000m (vertical) away).
8. Visited Þingvellir, the site of the Alþing, the first parliament.
9. rwrylsin got her first FIE world ranking point.
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