June 26th, 2006


Alas ...

One-nil to Italy, with a truly last-gasp effort and, dare I say it, a dive that was better suited to a springboard than a football pitch.

There's a perception that the Aussies haven't had a "fair go" from the referees over here, possibly because Australia isn't rated as a serious football nation. (Oddly enough, Australian fencers (in foil and sabre, at least) appear to have encountered similar problems when fencing in big European competitions). Now, it's quite possible that the burst of enthusiasm for football (currently the fifth-most popular sport in Oz) from this World Cup will quickly fade, but if it doesn't, I think that in 10-15 years time, we'll see an Australian team in the top 4, if not better. Australia has the "raw material" and the passion for sport that could turn them into one of the leading football nations ... one day.
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