July 4th, 2006


Busy again ...

A weekend of twos :
Place rwrylsin came in the Doric Open women's sabre: 2nd
Place I came in the Doric Open men's epee: 2nd
No. of castles visited: 2

This all relates to last weekend - drove up to Aberdeen on Friday night, we both fenced on Saturday, went for a walk around town that evening, and drove back with detours to castles, plus bonus thunderstorms, on Sunday.

The Doric Open concludes the fencing season for rwrylsin and I. The British championships are on in 10 days, but we're not going - rwrylsin is not yet a British Citizen (she can apply next year if she wishes), and I didn't get my BFA membership organised in time (this year, they put a strict limit on the number of entries - max. 112 in the men's events - by the time my membership came through they already had 128 entries for the men's epee).

I should do some kind of review of the season, but not tonight - I'm working 7:30-3:30 this month, so it's bedtime already. I think I was going to post more Iceland photos, and then a few Aberdeen/castle ones, but I've been quite busy at work - today was best described as a series of phone calls and phone conferences with brief interruptions for actual work and lunch. I get home and all I feel up to is playing Alpha Centauri for a couple of hours ...
(not that that's such a bad thing, it's still one of my favourite games ... )
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