July 5th, 2006


A lovely day.

Just noting that the weather was very nice today - 25°C maximum, I might even admit to considering it warm (but not "hot", as some seem to call it). Still odd to think that the warmest rwrylsin and I have experienced on UK soil was last summer, when it reached 28°C one day, and the warmest since we left Oz was about 32° or 33° in Prague last year.

Yesterday, I finally got around to changing the WAP settings on my phone from the settings I used in Australia to ones that would work over here. Yes, I can now Google from my phone ... I feel so 21st century.

I've just started reading Accelerando, by Charlie Stross - dizzying and frenetic and rather than picking at one or two aspects of modern high-tech life he's thrown in All.Of.Them. - enjoying it a lot, so far.
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