December 28th, 2006


Recent TV ...

The first rule of Torchwood is ... you do not talk about Torchwood.

... but I'm going to mention it anyway. I'm not sure who wrote this week's episode, but they're obviously very concerned for the environment judging by the amount of recycling going on. I've missed a few episodes along the way, and apparently a couple of those were quite good, but I suspect after the final this weekend I won't go to too much effort to catch Series 2 (assuming there is a series 2, of course).

Meanwhile, saw Hogfather last week, and caught bits of it again last night. Overall, I liked it, but I think the pacing was a bit off - it felt very evenly paced, no matter how dramatic the scene was meant to be, and came across as a bit flat. The Discworld is suppose to be an exciting and dangerous place, and I'm not sure that came through. Most of the characters were well done, although even Teatime couldn't pronounce his name the same all the time, and the wizards seemed a bit generic. I do hope they can make more, and Hogfather sets a good base level for future efforts to improve on.

Finally, the Doctor Who Christmas special - the plot was very slight, which they attempted to cover up by keeping the pace frenetic and repeating themselves a lot. It was still fun, but I do hope they settle down a little and try to put a bit more substance and cleverness in the plots for next season.
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