February 26th, 2007


Checking-out Con '07 ...

So, Redemption 07 is over (awwww). rwrylsin and I are now sitting near the hotel lobby, waiting for the checking-out queue (my god ! It's full of fans !) to go down a bit before our turn. It's been a good con - if only there was more of it !

Still, next year's Eastercon is being run by much the same crew - and the guest list is impressive - China Mieville, Tanith Lee, Charlie Stross, and Neil Gaiman. Given that it's being held at a large hotel near Heathrow, I expect it'll be huge.

Meanwhile, a few lucky people had forms for next year's Discworld con included in their con packs - apparently it'll be 22nd-25th August next year. The website hasn't been updated to reflect this yet, though, so I'm not sure if that's official yet (nor the venue, rumours are that it'll be in Birmingham rather than Hinckley, because it's grown too big for here).

Anyway, it might be time to start queueing now ... see (some of) you all next time !
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