March 5th, 2007

avon - haven't the faintest idea

How to tip ... gracefully ?

For some reason, this always happens to me : I get a taxi somewhere. It costs something like £8 or £10. All I have in my wallet is one or two pounds in small change, and a £20 note.
How do you pay the fare and include a reasonable tip without making it a "OH BY THE WAY HERE IS YOUR TIP NOW KTHXBYE" moment ?

Edit: I meant to include situtations other than taxis - e.g. in a restaurant, paying by card with one of those nifty portable card readers, except it's one of the models which doesn't allow you to enter a tip - but you've already gone past the point where you can say "just make it £x" to the server. Do you just leave coins on the table afterwards ? What if they reason you're paying by card is that you have no cash handy ? Slink away, figuring that if they want your tip, they can darn well make it easy for you ?
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Water, water everywhere ...

Australia is a dry place. Droughts are regular, water restrictions common in many places. Water-saving showers are being heavily promoted, with flow rates around 7 litres/minute.

Scotland is a wet place. Glasgow averages over 1 metre of rainfall every year. The average Australian-style rainwater tank would spend most of the year overflowing. So why on earth does our shower only do four litres per minute ?!
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