April 25th, 2007


A box inside a box inside ...

A file I downloaded the other day came in a very unusual format - despite claiming to be an avi file when downloading, it was actually a RAR file. Fine, I can easily unpack those to get at the real file ... but no ! Inside the RAR was a ZIX file. No, not ZIP, but ZIX. Yes, I haven't heard of it before either. Also inside the RAR was an html file with "instructions" on how to unpack the ZIX file - download some software from some site called "ukpcrepair" and install it, then run it. Yup, doesn't sound at all dodgy to me ... as it turns out, the ukpcrepair site wasn't responding anyway, but even if it was, the whole arrangement seemed extremely dodgy to me. Googling turned up a fair number of sites with some sort of reference to ZIX, but nothing that reassured me that it was genuine and non-dodgy and worthy of being installed on my PC. Has anyone else encountered this ?

(I managed to find an alternate download of that file (errr, ok, it was Heroes ep 19 :-) ) and it was a perfectly normal avi)
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