June 1st, 2007


Confounding Tales!

Confounding Tales! was a lot of fun, as I mentioned. There was a ceilidh (with bonus many weddings of many Space Barons), interesting panels, Art Deco art-making, rocket launching, biplane races, lots of people in costumes, a pub quiz, stage sword-fighting workshop, and more.
There was also a Plot - except it didn't quite work. I think it was supposed to start during the ceilidh, with a girl bursting out into tears, thus prompting people to find out what was wrong and then get started investigating and stuff. Unfortunately, a crying teenage girl apparently generates a very intense SEP[1] field, and no-one, no matter how curious (i.e. me) actually went over and spoke to her (there were people at her table talking to her and (apparently) comforting her, I figured the situation was "under control", and it was none of my business, and all that). There might have been other Plot-starting moments, but I completely failed to notice those :-)
Anyway, if the Convivial/CT! crowd do another Con (give them a few years to recover from this one), it's definitely worth going along and having some fun.

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