July 16th, 2007


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Right, time for a general update. Apart from work, there was gym on Sunday and Tuesday last week, rowing on Wednesday[*], fencing on Thursday, followed by Trout. Friday had drinks at the Bon Accord with psychochicken & co (and lots and lots of rain), and Saturday had a little drive to Castle Douglas to pick up my parents (they're visiting this side of the planet for a few weeks), and a BBQ at the house of munchkinstein and sha_d. Yesterday was catching up on shopping, then dinner with my parents, followed by lazing around at home.
Tonight we'll almost certainly make it to the gym, tomorrow will probably be dinner out again, and then rowing and fencing to round out Wednesday and Thursday before packing up and heading down to Year of the Teledu for the weekend. I think we get to slow down again a little late in August ...

Meanwhile, Ctrl+Alt+Del comic has important advice for all Convention-goers.

(which reminds me of dalekboy's ad for "Wash You Smelly Bastard™" soap here).

[*] rwrylsin and I are taking part in a corporate rowing challenge. We get 6 weeks of training then get to race (in fours) a bunch of similarly-trained corporate teams, and hopefully none of us fall in (because we're on the Clyde - have you seen the state of that water ?).
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