July 17th, 2007


The Naming of Addresses ...

So, we've been in the UK for just over three years ... and yet there's one thing which often trips me up - entering our address on forms (paper or online).
Our address is in the form "Flat X/Y, ZZ Street St".
Given that address, which part of it do you think they're expecting when they ask for "Street Address" ?
Street Number ?
Street Name ?
House Name ?
House Number ?
Flat Number ?
(and other variations)

I've seen all of those in various combinations on forms, and it still confuses me. And they never give examples or explanations. Normally things work out, but I did encounter one site (purelygadgets) where I simply could not enter my address in a way that it thought was valid, which also produced a valid postal address for me.
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